Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Moving Out after Storms

When disaster strikes in Tuscaloosa, who do you turn to for help? SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa is here to help you get your home back in order. After storms strike in Tuscaloosa County, we are here to help pack your home contents and move them into our storage facility or pod storage until we can get your home dried out and put back together. SERVPRO of tuscaloosa can then help clean after contractors and move your contents back into your home. We are here from start to finish to help your household get through all disasters.

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Storm Response Team

Here at SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa, we are thankful to be a part of the SERVPRO Wilson Storm Team. When the tornadoes passed through Hattiesburg Mississippi in January 2017, our crews were ready and waiting to get the call for help. Tuscaloosa sent two teams to Hattiesburg to help. Our teams are there to help Mississippians that were affected by the tornadoes dry out their homes, pack and store their belongings, and try to get a jump start to getting their daily lives back in order. 

We still work hard here at home. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa is always here to help.

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Storm Damage Team

SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa's experienced and professional team members head out quickly to help with water damage due to storm flooding. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa could not be more proud of their team members and their willingness to be gone and help for extended periods of time! 

Tuscaloosa Storm Team

SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa had team members who left for several weeks to help homeowners in Texas after the flooding in April of 2016. We are always here to help and be a part of Storm Team Wilson.

Debris from Louisiana Flooding 2016

This picture reflects debris in the streets of Louisiana after the 2016 flooding. Several of the SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa team were a part of the Wilson Storm Team and dropped everything to be able to go and help the residents of Louisiana get started in getting their daily routines back.

Louisiana Flood Damage 2016

When it comes to storm damage, unfortunately, even restoration is impossible. Above is a picture of the 2016 Louisiana flood damage for the SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa team that went to help.