Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Personal Protection in Mold Remediation

When you are dealing with older buildings or potential mold growth in Tuscaloosa, being sure to contain any airborne spores is vital. You will see many SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa teams build a containments in the rooms that the work in sealing off any movement of the spores from the rest of the building. Not only will the SERVPRO crew protect the rest of the home, but they will protect themselves from the spores with personal protective gear like you see pictured. 

Tuscaloosa Strip and Wax

If your local business's floors start looking dull and dirty, even after the daily routine maintenance, it is time to let SERVPRO® of Tuscaloosa come strip and wax the floors. Depending on how much traffic your building's floors get will reflect (pun intended) how often the flooring needs to be waxed. A school would benefit from stripping and waxing at the end of the summer so the floors look fresh and new for each school year! When your business is in need, call SERVPRO® of Tuscaloosa to speak to a rep in your area at 205-339-5022

Moisture in Wall Leads to Mold

Here again, we have a picture of SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa's moisture meter reading high levels of moisture in the walls of a home. Our crews are trained in IICRC WRT to get your home dry to prevent this from happening to you. 

Sheetrock Mold

Moisture from a water damage can be spread quickly and be in places most homeowners think that a box fan alone will dry out. This is not always the case. Carpet water damage soaked into the drywall leading to mold from moisture that was not dried. 

Carpet Mold

There are times when SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa needs to pull up carpeting to make sure everything is dry. When this step is refused by businesses or homeowners, molding can occur and make the process extend longer. 

Closet Mold

If your hot water heater bursts in the utility closet, extracting the water and getting it dry is your priority. However, many times homeowners do not thing to go beyond those two steps. This could lead to microbial growth.